Adjust Your Accent! Keep Your Culture!!

Today the ability to speak clearly is critical to successful communication with clients, patients, co-workers and bosses.  For those of you with accents who struggle to be understood, Talking Well Consulting™ can solve those problems/challenges.

BettyAnn Leeseberg-Lange, a leading Accent Coach in the Mid-Atlantic region, uses customized, highly-effective techniques from her comprehensive experience as a teacher and coach to help you communicate better.

Do you want to be better understood by U.S. English speaking
clients, patients, colleagues and bosses?

Do you want to acquire an American accent and keep your culture?

Do you want to optimize your vocal skills for greater success?

BettyAnn’s proven approach has empowered a diverse range of professionals from medicine, government, business, education and the arts, to adjust and add necessary sounds for speaking clearer North American English. With her methods, you learn how to use your vocal muscles to adjust and acquire speech sounds, through a collaborative customized process.

BettyAnn is professional, highly knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She is especially skillful teaching dialect and pronunciation, the dynamics of presentation, and connecting inspiration and personal power. BettyAnn taught me how to integrate my desires, values and creativity with breath and awareness in order to confidently use my personal power.
-Jennifer Swartout, Baltimore, MD

BettyAnn is absolutely the best. You will learn how to speak and use your voice effectively. Not only will she help you use your voice properly, she will help you use your body making you look confident and self-assured when speaking. This will help your message be heard!
-Sandra Bearden, Owner/President, Perfect Officiant, Baltimore, MD

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