Talking Well Coaching™ provides dialect modification coaching, accent clarification, and pronunciation services for people in a variety of professions. Our proven customized methodology transforms your oral communication through the acquisition of a North American English dialect that respects your culture. We include tools that allow you to practice beyond your training sessions. It has been proven that disciplined practice is the only way to sustain outstanding results. With a commitment to practicing on your own, you will be able to maximize your results and achieve excellence in communication for a lifetime.

Private Instruction

Upon filling in the intake form completely, you will receive a free 30-minute telephone consultation.

After your dialect characteristics have been evaluated, you will be channeled into one of three learning modules, and from there your program will be customized.

Workshops & Group Training

Our workshops and group training will help both individuals and business employees enhance their customer or patient interactions and career successes through the modification of their dialects.  These workshops and group training modules are conducted in small groups to achieve the best results. These can be tailored to fit your business needs at an onsite location convenient to you. We teach you and/or employees to communicate more clearly by developing a better command of North American English that respects your culture. We include tools for consistent practice beyond the workshop/training settings.

Both the workshops and group training being with a pre-session in-depth evaluation questionnaire for each participant.  Sessions focus on 4 major components in North American English: consonants, vowels/diphthongs, rhythm and phrasing patterns. Work here is customized for each individual and group based on their evaluations.

Learning Modules

Learning Module A – Sounds of North American English: I Need to Learn Them

Learning Module B – Advanced Sounds and Rhythms of North American English: I Need to Advance my Skills

Learning Module C –Pitch Patterns, Phrasing and Presentations: North American English and My Cultural Sounds in Use: How, When, Where, and Why

Each of these modules consists of twelve to fourteen 50 minute sessions. Included are homework assignments that must to be done consistently for the most progress.

Important to note: improvement depends on daily practice so your dialect can change more effectively and efficiently.

Through individual or group workshop sessions and practice, you and/or your employees can learn to:

  • Reduce your dialect sounds that interfere with understandable vocal communication
  • Increase your ability to use North American English sounds more accurately
  • Clarify how you vocally communicate with patients, potential customers and clients
  • Minimize your speaking anxiety and polish your speaking skills

Sessions are scheduled and delivered in the Mid-Atlantic region, as well as available across the country and internationally via Skype.

Performing Artists

We provide highly personalized dialect and accent acquisition coaching that helps you transform the voice of your character and maximize your success in your acting role. Our proven, highly successful techniques will help you acquire an accent, or adjust your regional or foreign accent to make the character you are playing more authentic. We also include tools that allow you to practice beyond your training sessions.

Having worked with Ms. Leeseberg-Lange, I am so impressed with her vast knowledge and instructional precision with dialects and vocal production. Her attention to the nuances of language and her patience make her an ideal teacher for all learners.
-Kasi Campbell, Resident Director, REP Stage, Columbia, MD | Winner: Helen Hayes Award in Directing

BettyAnn was instrumental in helping me recognize the link between the character’s emotional life and the actor’s vocal technique. She helped me utilize my instrument to its best advantage; breath awareness, pitch range, bad habits, warm-up techniques, and dialect study.
-John Geoffrion, Best Actor Award Winner, Boston MA

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